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Why Your Ideas Don’t Bloom Into Action

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Why Your Ideas Don't Bloom Into Action

You know those moments when a million-dollar idea hits you like a lightning bolt?

Or when you’re motivated to turn your life around, start exercising and making a healthy meal plan?

But when they hit you, it’s three in the morning and you are laying in bed, unable to launch your idea into action.

“I’ll do it first thing in the morning.”, you think.

Well, do you?

We get these ideas in the most peculiar places since we are not trying to force anything out.

We are simply living, without expectations.

That is the perfect platform for ideas to strike.

But how can you make the most of those ideas and turn them into actions?


1. Five Seconds

Mel was an unemployed 40-year-old in the middle of bankruptcy, unable to get out of bed in the morning to get her kids to school, choosing to drink instead.

She was anxious with her situation, and one cold, dark morning when she was laying in bed, ready to hit snooze, she launched herself like a spaceship, counting 5,4,3,2,1 and sprinting out of bed.

Then she got up.

She changed her life, and is now a best-selling author and a motivational speaker, having over 10 million views in her TEDx-talk.


Our brain is wired in a way that keeps us safe.

It doesn’t like to go and do things that puts us in danger. Things that either end up hurting or embarrassing ourselves.

That’s why when we come up with an idea, our brain rushes in, yelling out reasons why you shouldn’t do it.

Giving you all the worst scenarios you could end up with, until you decide to let go.

Taking immediate action on your ideas restricts the brain to interfere in the middle, but you have to be fast.

You only have the five second gap in between an idea and the death of it to take action.

Next time you see a girl with the most adorable eyes and the wittiest conversation at a party, don’t hassle around looking at your feet, lying to yourself that you are gathering courage.

Walk up to her immediately, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to be you when you don’t get stuck inside your head.

2. Flow takes time

Why Your Ideas Don't Bloom Into Action
Man in flow on prommel horse.

Imagine if you were trying to start writing your great idea right after you get home from work, after typing out numbers on a computer all day.

The change is so major from a different task to another that it takes time to get a hold of the flow you are looking for.

It has been said that it takes about 20-30 minutes to get into the flow state.

For you it might be 15 or 40 minutes even, but what you have to remember is that you are not going to find it first.

This is the reason why such great ideas die in an instant.

People don’t hold the self-discipline to keep going for long enough.


3. Distractions

Why Your Ideas Don't Bloom Into Action

The greatest poison in the modern world are constant distractions.

Whether it’s your phone with new notifications or the need to order a pizza right now cause you can.

We are living with a hectic need to change from one action to another action.

Like the need to check your phone when it bleeps, which only ruins your flow and makes it harder to get started again.

I used to wonder why it took me an hour to write a short text, when the sources of my inspiration were writing five in the same amount of time.

Right now as I write this, my phone has the WiFi turned off, it’s on silent, and it’s nowhere near for me to see it.

And that’s the point!

Cut out all distractions, and the time you use on focusing will become more valuable and productive.

You can pause to check your phone, but make sure to keep at least a couple hours of distance in between breaks to guarantee the workflow.


  1. I found this article very interesting Sofia. There are many reasons why our ideas don’t turn into actions and you have definitely nailed 3 key reasons.

    I particularly like the 5 sec rule by Mel Robbins, this could be something I try myself after the Christmas break


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