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Why We Are Never Happy With The Things We Have In Life

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Why We Are Never Happy With The Things We Have In Life
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Despite things like:

  • The luxuries that modern human enjoy.
  • increased amount of physical work.
  • bigger houses.
  • variety of choices for material needs.
  • and the internet to constantly keep us assured that we’re valued.

We still seem to be unhappier than ever.

Managers of high-end companies hire themselves personal coaches to help them live a life with content, while they are driving Ferrari’s and receiving paychecks with more zeros that they can keep track of.


What keeps us from happiness?

  • Is it that we don’t have enough material?
  • Is it that we don’t have enough digits on our paycheck or friends around us?
  • Is it that we don’t hold the ability to even achieve happiness?

After reducing my possessions by about 70%, and cutting toxic people out of my life… As well as concentrating more on just a few interests and hobbies, I can say that it’s none of the above.

Where we take the wrong step is when we take our eyes off the road to only look at the finish line.

Phrase “I will be happy when….” is full of toxic.

Not only does it disallow the current moment to be filled with satisfaction, but it puts weight on the future’s back, slowly growing the pressure of how the end result should look like.

When we don’t achieve the wished goals, the road starts all over again.

We trust our happiness on the future, but if you look back on your past, has that been working out most of the time?

Have you found the full happiness you promised to yourself after you graduate, after you get a job, after you have this, or after you have that?

To start living up to your needs and filling your voids, remove those needs and voids and replace them with this moment.

Like in a movie, there is no point in watching it if you are only fast-forwarding past everything else to see the end.

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