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A portion of the news and media have made some ridiculous accusations about video games. For example:

  • There have been claims that video games cause rape. (Say what?)
  • Video games influence people to shoot people. (stupid, right?)
  • A neuroscientist in the UK claimed video games can give you dementia. (What a thing to say)
  • A UK newspaper even claimed video games can give you cancer…. (What the fuck?)


But video games aren’t as bad as some people make out. And none of those accusations have any truth to it.

What video games can do, is teach you a LOT of life lessons in regards to failure. So let’s get into that, shall we?

4 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure


1. Learning from your mistakes guarantees success

3 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure

Every gamer has the experience of losing a fight, a battle or a challenge hundreds and hundreds of times….

Only to persevere, keep going, learn from what we did wrong and eventually turn it into a success.

This is a trait and a skill that crosses over with life and business. The more you fail and learn from your mistakes, the more guaranteed your success is.

I once watched a Brian Tracy speech and he said something like –

The more you make mistakes, the smarter you’re bound to become. And eventually you’ll become too smart to fail.

What he means is when you fail AT something so many times, you’ll eventually be too smart to fail at it again. And that’s when success will show itself.

So whether you’re a gamer (or not) take that habit of learning from your mistakes and transfer it over to your life.


2. Failure is feedback

3 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure

If you’ve been playing video games long enough, you know that when you keep losing the game, it’s feedback not failure.

Video games are set out to work in a certain way and certain tasks guarantee your success. Just as certain strategies will guarantee you lose.

This is no different to the life we live in.

Life is also set out to work in certain ways under certain circumstances.

If you’re experiencing what you’d class as “failure” you need to realize it’s not failure, it’s feedback.

And if you don’t pay attention to the feedback, you won’t get past the hurdle.

Failure is giving up, quitting, throwing in the towel and never trying again. That’s the definition of failure.

To pay attention to the feedback:

  • Problem solve.
  • Write down what it is that’s not working.
  • Write down why you believe it’s not working.
  • Write down what you believe you could do better.
  • Research the problem and find a solution.
  • Look up people who’ve faced the same problem you have but solved it.
  • Ask somebody else for help or advice.
  • Ask yourself what you could do better to get the result you want.
  • Take a different approach.
  • Persevere.

Do a combination of the solutions above to get the past the hurdle and you’ll eventually overcome it.

The same way you would If you were playing a difficult or challenging video game.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ― Thomas A. Edison

3. Perseverance and persistence pays off

4 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure

If you’ve played a video game before you know how addictive it can be. Especially when you want to win the game so badly but the opposite keeps happening.

Eventually through sheer persistence and perseverance you end up winning and overcoming the challenge.

Life is no different. The same attitude gamers have towards games is the same attitude we should all have towards life’s challenges.

Yes things can get difficult, be challenging, overwhelming, tough, hard and far from easy.

That’s true, but with persistence, perseverance and the ability to keep going, you’ll eventually succeed.

You just need to keep believing and keep going. As well as be willing to do whatever it takes and stick it out till you see the results you want.

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4. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

4 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure

Shooting games, action games, puzzle games and war games require thought and strategy.

It’s rare you can play a video game and create a successful result without a plan of action.

Life is no different and shouldn’t be treated any differently.


If you fail to plan then you’re asking to fail

When you go out to a birthday party, get married or have a celebration, you plan it beforehand, right?

And that’s why it tends to go AS planned. The result is you have a lot of fun and you end up pleased with how things turned out.

Your goals, business, education, blog, social media and everything else should be NO different.

You should have a plan for:

  • Your blog posts.
  • Your success.
  • A business you want to start.
  • A career you want to pursue.
  • A job you want to have.
  • The type of person you want as a partner.
  • The content you want to share on social media.
  • The actions you need to take when you wake up.
  • The website you want to start.

Without a plan you’re like a car running without someone behind the wheel. It’ll just drive its self ANYWHERE.

Only to end up crashing into a wall, off a bridge, in a ditch or worse.

Your goals, ambitions and dreams are the same. Without a plan, you’ll also end up crashing or digging yourself into a ditch.

Planning = knowing what’s in front of you and knowing what steps you need to take!

Let’s end this post with a quote.

3 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Failure


What have video games taught you about failure?


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