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This Is What Unwavering Self Confidence Looks Like

To be the best you’ve got to learn from the best. So to become self confident, you’ve got to learn from those who overflow with confidence.

It’s the same principle and the easiest way to go about it when getting started.

Unwavering self confidence does NOT look like:

  1. Arrogance.
  2. Egotistical.
  3. Ignorance.
  4. Superiority.
  5. Seeing others as inferior.
  6. Being condescending.
  7. Treating others like their worthless in comparison.


This Is What Unwavering Self Confidence Looks Like.


1. Martin Luther King Speech

Regardless of how much self confidence you have right now, Martin Luther King’s conviction can’t be denied. He’s the first perfect example of what unwavering self confidence looks like.

The 3 million video views speaks for itself.

From start to finish in his speech, he’s:

  1. Believable.
  2. Persuasive.
  3. Passionate.
  4. Expressive.
  5. Unwilling to hold back.
  6. Full of purpose.

And those traits alone, packed with the ability to take action is what will raise your self confidence and take it to the next level.


2. Grant Cardone Sales Speech

Grant Cardone is an international sales expert from Miami, Florida. This video alone has almost 1 million views.

In this talk, Grant Cardone covers self promotion, selling, closing, and getting known in the marketplace. But If there’s anything to take from this video, regardless of whether you’re into business or not, then it’s his level of self confidence. And what you can learn from it.

Pay attention to his energy levels and his level of conviction, because that’s what unwavering self confidence looks and feels like. And LOTS of practice will help you get there.

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3. Chamillionaire Freestyle

Rappers are one of the best examples of people with tons of self confidence. And that’s because their performers. They use their voices consistently, and they perform in front of 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s, or even millions of people.

Again, the lesson here is PRACTICE.


4. Jim Rohn Speech

Jim Rohn is known as the godfather of personal development. And is one of the greatest speakers in the world of self improvement.

Unwavering self confidence isn’t just all about HIGH energy, it’s also about composure, being calm, and the ability to be natural. That’s what Jim Rohn can teach you about self confidence in this speech.


5. Taylor Swift Singing – “Wildest Dreams”

They say public speaking or getting on stage is one of the top 3 fears in the world. Well, if you’re able to master it your self confidence will look something like Taylor Swift’s in the video above.

Unwavering self confidence is also about the passion behind your voice, and being at ease when either voicing your opinions, or expressing yourself.

And Taylor Swift is the perfect example of both.


1 key trait of unwavering self confidence = practice

No matter how many spoons of bullshit you’ve been fed about confidence. Or how many times you’ve told yourself it’s impossible to build your confidence, in reality, all it takes is practice.

The more you practice and put in the work, the more confidence you’ll have. And if you practice in the areas you want to be better in, you’ll eventually develop an unwavering amount of self confidence.

Not just in your voice, but in your skills, talents, and your ability to succeed.

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  1. I agree Theo, practice is key to everything, not just self confidence I think. I recently read a book called the Wisdom of Groundhog Day which shows that if you keep experimenting and practicing every day, you can make significant changes and improve both how you think about things and how to take action to get better results. It’s certainly an interesting perspective.

    • Hey John. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it more than you know. Practice does make the difference!

      I’ll check that book out that you mentioned, sounds quite insightful.

      Take care for now.

      Theo Ellis.


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