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I don’t need to ask you stupid questions like – do you have problems with your self esteem? Because you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t. So I won’t insult your intelligence.

But what I WILL say is – all these self esteem activities are taken from personal experience, so it’s far from just Theory. And each section has been broken down as simply as possible so you can start building your self esteem right away.


1. Start doing the things you feel good about.

From as early as an infant, the world is telling us what we SHOULD and SHOULDN’T do. This leads to doing things you don’t feel good about. And doing things that make you feel TERRIBLE about yourself.

It’s these things that crush, harm, and damage your self esteem. It doesn’t matter how financially rewarding it may be, or whatever else you gain from it materialistically. None of that matters.

What matters is doing the things that make you feel good about yourself. Or else you’ll just end up miserable, frustrated, and feeling awful about yourself. So start off by writing out a list of things that make you feel good. And do them more often than not.



  1. Volunteering to help the homeless in your neighborhood.
  2. Writing an article.
  3. Expressing yourself.
  4. Singing.
  5. Listening to music.
  6. Helping a stranger.
  7. Designing.
  8. Accomplishing a task.
  9. Giving a helping hand to a friend.
  10. Socializing with others.

Only YOU know what makes you feel good about yourself. These are just examples, so use them as a guideline. And be sure to write out your own list and follow it as often as possible to build your self esteem.


2. Start socializing a lot more with strangers.

When my self esteem was lower than it is today, socializing with new people made a big difference. First off I started with girls, and my confidence as well as my self esteem grew from there. It’s something I still do to this day.

When you start socializing with strangers, not all conversations will go well. Some people won’t even respond. But that’s OK. You’re doing it for the sake of your self esteem.

The more you get into the flow of it, the better you’re going to feel about yourself. And that’s going to help your self esteem grow overtime.


3. Acknowledge your good qualities.

We all have strengths as well as weaknesses. And we all have flaws as well as really good, attractive qualities.

Make it your mission to dig out these good qualities, and acknowledge each and every one of them. Feel proud, because they’re your qualities and it’s your qualities that make you unique.


How to find your good qualities.


1. Ask people you trust.

Ask people you know who will tell you the truth. Ask them what they believe your best qualities are, then write down ALL of their answers. Read over it and acknowledge each and every quality that’s mentioned.

Whatever qualities others see in you is usually right. And you shouldn’t dismiss any of them or take it for granted if you want to boost your self esteem. It really does make a massive difference.


2. Pay attention to compliments.

When people give you a genuine compliment, pay attention. Why? Because they’re basically acknowledging the good qualities you have. So for example…..

  1. If people usually say you have nice eyes, pay attention.
  2. If people usually say you’re creative, pay attention.
  3. If people usually say you have a great physique, pay attention.
  4. If people usually say you’re very business minded, pay attention.

Pay close attention to ALL the genuine compliments you receive, and acknowledge each and every one of them. Your good qualities make you the person you are, and that’s something to be proud of. 100%.


3. Write down all the things that come easy to you.

Singing comes easy to someone like Beyonce. Writing comes easy to someone like J.K Rowling. Cooking comes easy to someone like Jamie Oliver. But what comes easy to you?

What can you do easily that you might be taking for granted?

For me – writing, creating, ideas, listening, observing, learning, researching, using my intuition, among other things is easy for me.

Maybe designing, speaking, maths, science, managing, or other things is easy for YOU to do. Whatever it is, find it out by writing down all the answers that come to your head.

And taking a tip from point no.1, ask the people you trust what they believe you’re good at doing. And what they believe you’re able to do easily without much effort or struggle.

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