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The secret documentary was genius. The marketing behind it was genius and effective. Not to mention how they sold the public on the law of attraction, while making it look like success is as simple as visualizing it and “thinking positive” thoughts.

That’s a nice way of saying people are fucking stupid, gullible, idiotic, and desperate. Yes I just used the F word. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Oprah Winfrey endorsed the secret when it was first released, so it’s no surprise the secret sold over 19 million copies worldwide.

But anyway, never mind the details. I digressed a little. Let’s back to the point of this post…

The Secret Documentary Will Teach You 5 Things About Society


1. People are lazy as a mofo

Hard work will pay off later. Laziness pays off now. – Unknown

Science agrees that human beings are lazy by nature. It’s just how we’re naturally wired to a certain degree.

I mean let’s be honest, if you could Teleport to work and avoid all the traffic, you’d do it. If you could have dinner served without you lifting a finger, you’d do it. Because it’s easier, quicker, and more convenient. That’s what laziness is all about.

The secret documentary sold the same concept to the American public, and now the entire world it seems.

If you sit down with your legs folded, close your eyes, and visualize the “success” you want, eventually you’ll “attract” it into your life. If you’re a lazy fucker or desperate, you may or may have already fallen for this ploy.

Example – you want a cheque that’s worth £1M. If you visualize that £1,000,000 cheque coming through your letter box/mail box, somehow, in some way, you’ll attract it into your life.

Then Vuala! You’ve got a £1,000,000 cheque out of thin air! Which by that point you may as well call yourself a magician.


2. People LOVE to take shortcuts

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. – Helen Keller

Why do people love to take shortcuts? Because if it works, it saves you a shit load of time, energy, maybe money, and it’s convenient. But taking shortcuts is almost always dangerous.

A woman in the UK died after taking a so called “slimming” pill that she bought online. Her desperation for a better “figure” lead to her unfortunate death.

It’s this “shortcut” mentality that duped millions of people into the so called “secret”, and the law of attraction.

If it sounds too good to be true, it is. And if it’s something worth having, you’re gonna have to work for it. Whether you like it or not. That’s a fact because that’s how the real world works.

No matter how much you wanna delude yourself into believing the bullshit these scam artists have conned you into believing.


3. If you can get in someone’s mind, they’re easy to control

Control yourself or someone else will control you. – Unknown

What I’m saying may be unpopular or politically incorrect, but it’s the damn truth.

If you can sell someone on what they WANT, you can give them false hope and get something out of them in return. Politicians do it all the time.

In this case, it was the money of millions of people who were duped into buying The “Secret”.

They were sold on how easy it is, how simple it is, and how attractive it is. Kinda like a gorgeous woman who seems perfect on the surface, but has ulterior motives.


4. People don’t believe in themselves

Self worth comes from one thing. Believing you are worthy. – Unknown

Instead, people believe in these BS self help guru’s who claim to have all the answers and secrets to success. Or whatever BS they’re selling you.

The only reason you’d believe in these types of people instead of believing in yourself, is because you’re underestimating yourself. And you’re down playing what you’re capable of, as well as your self worth.

If you’re gonna listen to anybody about what you’re capable of, what’s possible, or whatever else, the person you should listen to is yourself.

If you know you deserve more and are worth more than you’re giving yourself credit for, then acknowledge it. And stop getting distracted and disheartened by all the BS shortcuts and lies you’ve been sold.


5. People never question things

Before you assume, try this crazy method called asking. – Unknown

As long as your words are convincing, persuasive, and “sexy” in so many words, some people will believe everything you tell them. Or should I say sell them.

To see this in action all you’ve got to do is look at Donald Trumps speeches. Or any politician/government related person. And look at the types of people they’re being supported by.

These people are typically sheep in human clothing who never question what they’re being sold, and yet are the first to start bitching and complaining when things turn sour.

If you don’t question anything, you’re asking to be deceived, manipulated, scammed and taken advantage of.




  1. Hi Theo,

    It’s good to see alternative views about the Law Of Attraction / The Secret franchise. I’ve still to make my mind up about it and remain curious.

    I bought The Secret about seven years ago. I had seen it around bookshops for a while, and after my Dad’s diagnosis of cancer, I started to look around for ways to cope. Looking at LoA theory, I can see similarities with prayer, faith and meditation. Unfortunately, it seems to have been overly Americanised and hijacked by the get rich quick squad.

    For me, it led to Charles Haanel’s Master Key System and in turn again to mindful meditation. A bit of a journey but one way or the other glad it led me there.

    The theory’s use of visualisation techniques has also been helpful for me, but I’ve put that down to sound mental preparation rather than anything mystical.

    Thanks for raising the topic.

    Best wishes


    • Hey Alan.

      For me I discovered it only a few years ago. At the time when I was probably too young to know. And yes, it’s just as you said. The get rich quick squad.

      It’s the mystical part that bothers me, and how it’s portrayed to be something it’s not.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.



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