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The Only Reasons You’ll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

He committed suicide, and nobody knows why.

I knew a guy who I “kind of” grew up with… The type of guy who’s nice to everyone, and doesn’t want any trouble for himself.

He’s older than me (by 5 years or so) and things were going in the right direction.

Or so it seemed…

Now he’s dead.

For some unknown reason, he committed suicide in winter 2018. Nobody knows why, not even family.

It kills me because #1 – I’m an empathetic person, and #2 – I knew him personally.

Suicide is an unfortunate event that happens in our society too often.

As well as depression, stress, wanting to give up, and throw your life away. Whether justified or not.

And sometimes it’s over “small things”, relatively speaking, that are blown out of proportion.

So I wanna share these powerful reasons to be alive, and hopefully inspire you to NEVER GIVE UP.

Because suicide in general is never the right answer.


1. You accomplish NOTHING by dying

For the population in general, suicide makes no sense. Killing yourself doesn’t help you avoid pain, because the act of doing it is painful.

Not to mention you can’t feel anything if you don’t exist.

Nobody wins. Except your enemies, while everyone who loves you… suffers in silence.

The only difference is once you’re dead, you don’t exist. Nothing else changes or is made “better” in the world.


You can accomplish more by being alive

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

Russell Brand is a man who escaped the clutches of death. He’s seen it all, felt it all, and been through it all.

The man’s accomplished a fuck load because he’s alive, not dead.

Killing himself wouldn’t have changed anything in reality. So live, and accomplish something while you’re here.

Big or small. Who cares about the “size” of the accomplishment.

Just do something and don’t let life go to waste.


2. Of all the things you could have been, you’re a human being

Out of all the animals on earth, humans can do things most aren’t able.

I’m not here to debate why that is, but that in itself should be a wake up call.

As a human I have the ability to choose what I want out of life. And where I want to go

I have self-awareness,  so I can understand, learn, discover and “think” in ways your average animal can’t.


Being human = freedom of choice

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

A lion can only make certain choices. But a human can make infinite choices about anything and everything.

Each choice is like a domino, that leads to more dominoes being “knocked down”.

  • Should I eat chocolate today? Or should I eat healthy?
  • Should I work on my goals, or slack off, complain and sit around watching Netflix?
  • Should I push past my fears or let them control me?

I have intelligence. You have intelligence. And it’s nothing like the kind of intelligence you’d have if you were born as anything other than a human being.

So why let it go to waste?

Use it everyday. And choose to do something with it.

Live life and choose to make it worthwhile. With what you have and where you are.


3. There’s too much to explore, and too much to see

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

This is a mountain in Germany. And this is “only” one of so many in Germany.

Compare that to the world itself, and there’s countless numbers of mountains.

And when you think about the world in general, there’s too much to explore and see in a lifetime.

But that’s the exact reason why life is worth living. Being able to see, explore, and experience these things… is a once in a lifetime experience.

There won’t be any other time other than now, and while you’re alive anyway. So why the F not?


The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

One place I plan on exploring is Japan. In fact It’s gonna happen soon enough, and I’ll cherish the experience while I’m there.

Because I’m alive, healthy and kicking. So why let that go to waste? Because of what some other fucker thinks about it?

Ridiculous. You may as well go for it while you can.

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4. You’re gonna die eventually

It’s true though. You only live once.

Some may complain about it, but ya know what? At least you get the chance to live life. Even if it can only be done once.

All the time you spend being angry at somebody for something they’ve done years ago, will only stop you from living life happily.

If you hold a grudge against someone, you’re basically a prisoner to them.

A slave in disguise.

They might not even care, so why are you bothered? If you’re mad at your EX still, get over it and move on.

Instead of plotting to get revenge, get over it and move on.


5. Contrary to popular belief, life is LONG not short

“Life is a long journey, with problems to solve, lessons to learn, but most of all, experiences to enjoy.” – Unknown

“Wow, he died at the age of 20? Life is so short!”.

That’s usually the rationale people have when they sing the tune of “life being short”.

But is it?

Think about it this way: if you’re dead, life is short. But you won’t know either way.

But if you’re alive and have been for years, that alone is proof that life is long.

The average life expectancy is at least 70 years. And at the lowest? It’s 50 (depending on where you live).

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

So you might as well enjoy those 50-70+ years doing something you love. Or something that makes life more enjoyable.

That’s how I’ve lived my life for 29 years (much less technically), and I won’t stop anytime soon.

Neither should you.

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6. You can live out your dreams

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

I’m a HUGE believer when it comes to dreams, goals, passions, etc. There’s a quote that goes like…. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Any dream can be accomplished, all you have to do is dream BIG and follow it up with action (assuming it’s not delusional). Not to mention learn the right skills and have enough self-awareness to know “what” you excel at.

I’ve never been happier in my life than this very moment, and that’s because I’m living life the way I always planned to. Even if I’m not “all the way” there yet.

Combine that with the fact that life is long, and you get: “live a long life doing the things you want”.


7. You’re unique 

Nobody can be like you, even if they tried to be like you.

Aren’t you glad we’re not all the same? I know I am. I don’t wanna be a copy n paste of anyone (and I’m not because I know who I am).

If we were the same, life would be pretty shit, boring, and as stale as out-of-date bread.

Any talents you have are unique to you. Any skills you have are unique to you.

You just have to find it, combine them if necessary, and take advantage of it. And make something of your life from that.


8. You’re living in the 21st century

The Only Reasons You'll Ever Need To Be Alive (And Do Something With Your Life)

I’m not saying there would have been anything wrong with living a century ago. But it can’t be denied, living in the 21st century is a blessing.

It’s the best time to be alive when it comes to technology, entrepreneurship, business, jobs, smartphones, safety and so on.

You no longer have to travel miles to apply for a job, which can save you a lot of money if you own a car. Or even if you use public transport.

We can shop online for clothes, products and pretty much anything via sites like eBay, Amazon and more.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, this is obviously 100% beneficial to your schedule.

If you wanna create your own business, you can do so through sites like eBay, Amazon, or better yet, create your own website for as much as £10.

You can talk to people worldwide with Skype, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

I could be here all day on this topic If I wanted.

The 21st century is a time to be appreciated and taken advantage of!


9. You can make a difference in the world

The same way bill gates and Steve jobs made a difference in our lives.

It’s funny really, I possibly wouldn’t even be blogging if it wasn’t for Microsoft.

It’s crazy when you look at things in a certain way. No matter who you are, where you’re from, or what race you are, you can make a difference in the world, too.


And it doesn’t have to be a “tremendous” difference either

Just by sharing my writing online I’ve inspired, and even encouraged people to do and think in certain ways.

That in itself is making a difference (without it being something grandiose).

Even making a difference in 1 or 10 people’s lives is something. It’s a feeling you can’t beat.

And if you’re intentional about making a difference, it doesn’t matter what your job or career is. Because the results will speak for itself.


10. You can make people laugh until they pass out

It’s all about the simple things in life. The simple things in my opinion are probably the most overlooked!

When you’re working your ass off on a 10 hour shift, do you ever take the time to smile?

When you get home from a long shift, do you take time to laugh?

Better yet, when you’re out and about, do you take the time to smile and laugh till you’ve got a stomach ache with your friends? Family? Boyfriend? Girlfriend?

It’s important to laugh everyday man, I make it a daily priority.

If you ain’t laughing, you’re not living. That’s how I see it.


11. You can learn new things

There’s always more to learn, no matter how much of a genius you might be. Learning things makes life more interesting and enjoyable.

Curiosity may of killed the cat, but curiosity makes life more colorful.

Maybe you wanna learn how to sing because it’s something you’ve always dreamed of?

Maybe you’re just adventurous, and you wanna learn something new to see if you’ll like it? Whatever it is, there’s an infinite amount of things we can learn regardless of topic.

There’s too much to life to not want to live it and make it the best life possible.


12. You can eat all the BEST foods

This one is probably my favorite out of all 8. Probably because I’m a food lover…

I mainly love Chinese food and plan to go there in future.

Especially countries like Japan!

Then I’ll be able to eat all the Oriental food i want, because I’m greedy like that ;).

To me – food is one of the greatest wonders of the world.


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Change your perspective a little to see things from a fresh angle.

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