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Some people might be shocked by this type of post… Because most are afraid of voicing their opinions where as I am not.

I’ve had many experiences with the jobcentre that just proves to me they’re not what they claim. At most, you should use this as a stepping stone and not something to fall back on, or rely on to get you a “job”.

This is why….


1. You’ll End Up With A Job You Hate

Once you’ve signed on and filled out the forms, you’re basically obligated to a specific set of rules.

You get your own so-called “adviser” who will help you get back into work.

You’ll see your job adviser every week or two when signing on. The thing is though… you barely get to choose the jobs you go for.

Most of the time they’ll force jobs on you, and even threaten to stop paying your allowance if you refuse.

And even If you’re qualified to do a better job,  such as – If you had a degree in online marketing, they’d still urge you to go for the cleaning job instead.

As of 2013 some people have had to work 20 hours a week or more to get paid their job seekers allowance. Which is modern day slavery.


2. You’ll End Up Stuck In The “Comfort” Trap

The money the jobcentre provides you with is nothing but crumbs, and for good reason. Because you can’t expect to be paid a lot of money without working for it.

But even worse than that is the “comfort” trap.

If you rely on the jobcentre for too long, as with anything, you’ll get too comfortable.

And when you get too comfortable, you’ll hinder your own progress. You’ll get in your own way, and you’ll stop yourself from improving your life.

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3. It Encourages You To Be Lazy

Think of it like this. If you spoil your children and shower them with gifts, especially with money, they’ll become lazy.

Why? Because you’re giving them a free allowance and they don’t have to work for it.

The job centre works off the same principle. They’re paying you for free, which encourages you to be lazy, settle for less and be comfortable.

Thousands of people have become lazy as a result of the jobcentre. 

Don’t let that person be you. 

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4. It Encourages You To Be Average

All the jobcentre expects you to do is get a basic job, with basic benefits, and a basic salary. That’s an average way of thinking.

And whether you get the job or not, they expect you to be their little bitch and will discourage you from making progress.

You won’t get no words of encouragement. No recommendations for starting a business.

They won’t push you to be great or do great things. And they won’t encourage you to go self employed or provide any other alternatives.

All you’ll get is – “Just get a job that will bring in a little extra money”.

That last sentence has AVERAGE spray painted all over it.

Average isn’t going to help you live a happy, fulfilling, stress free, financially successful life.

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5. It’s Easier To Get A Job Without Their Help

Every job I’ve ever had whether it was before I was at the jobcentre, after or in between, the jobcentre didn’t play any part in me getting the job.

What’s the point in traveling all the way to the jobcentre just to look through jobs via a machine?

When you can look for a BIGGER range of jobs on the internet, at home, or at the library?

DIY works best. Be Independent.


6. They Don’t Help You With Writing A CV

If you want real professional help with writing a CV and general job advice… Check out Connexions (Now known as – Career Connect).

In the past I found them helpful with CV Writing, educational advice and stuff in general.

I can’t speak for their service today, but when I was there they were impressive. I suggest you watch the YouTube video of The Fairy Job Mother below.

She gives great careers advice. There are more via her YouTube channel.



7. They’re Discouraging

I remember watching dispatches in 2012 on channel 4 about the jobcentre.

There was somebody on there who told her adviser she is starting up a business.

I know I’m not surprised, but in response her adviser actually laughed at her.

As if to say “you can’t start-up a business, you’re useless”. This is just one example out of many.

From my experience you can’t tell them too much, because they’re hardly supportive or willing to help you.

And you can’t claim an allowance even If you’re studying just so you’re aware. That’s if you tell them that is.

If you’re gonna start-up your own business, get advice elsewhere because they’re not very helpful where jobs, business and educations concerned.


8. It Teaches You To Be Overly Dependent

Being too dependent in any type of situation is stupid, and dangerous.

Relying on somebody else to save you and help you is foolish, and a crippling way to think.

Nobody’s obligated to help you, and you shouldn’t rely on others to help you either.

When you become to dependent on someone else, like the jobcentre, here’s what happens. –

  1. You become their little bitch.
  2. You become a slave to a poverty wage.
  3. You’re obligated to follow the rules.
  4. You have no say in the matter.
  5. You become useless without their help.
  6. You become DEPENDENT, instead of INDEPENDENT.
  7. You become unable to do things for yourself.
  8. You become too comfortable.
  9. You fear going out on your own and providing for yourself.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned which you need to learn, the only person who can help you is YOU.

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9. It’s a Flawed, Out-Dated System

Which is why it has so many loop holes and UN-inspiring help. Why do you think so many people are gaming their system? And getting away with it?

So many places out there are so much better than the jobcentre in finding you work.

Here’s a video of Amy’s experience with the Jobcentre. It highlights some points I’ve already made.

Spread the word by sharing this post, and leave a comment If there’s something you’d like to get off your chest.

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  • I’ve seen 2 DEAs (Disability Empoyment Advisors) at 2 different JobCentres and both were friendly, but completely useless. Mainly because to its shame the JC doesn’t have a supported employment scheme for people with disabiities. And even if it did, I wouldn’t trust the JC to develop a competent, well-run one with well trained staff. It would be the same shoddy mess as Avanta, A4E, RBLI,etc. In other words, useless, incompetent & clueless. I agree you’re better off finding a job or setting up your own business off your own bat. The JC doesn’t tell you anything you couldn’t work out for yourself anyway. The trouble is I’ve hated every job I’ve ever had. Either the work was boring & repetitive and/or I didn’t like my boss/coworkers. All in all working is soul destroying. I’m not lazy, I’ll put the hours in, but I want a job that’s mentally stimulating, worth something in the global scale of things, where I’m not working with bullies and/or gossips and where I don’t dread going to work every day.

    • First of all, thanks for commenting. I appreciate you taking the time out to share your thoughts.

      I completely agree with what you’re saying, there’s no value in the J.C at all. Because everything that’s there can be done better by yourself. I understand where you’re coming from in regards to wanting a job that’s mentally stimulating. I’ve been in unfulfilled positions myself. In other words, you want a job you’ll enjoy, a job that matches your purpose, a job you’re passionate about, and one that challenges you.

      You’ll get there. Just figure your purpose then pursue a field that matches it and you’ll do great. Keep your head high :)

      • the jobcentre is actually not a jobcentre but an unemployed persons policing department or thats what it should be called! they are in cahoots with the work agencies and in law thats called..collusion and conspiracy,. the employers are the gainers and the employees the exploited. agencies can be discriminating and blacklist certain people that have stood up for there rights in previous employment…. this is the pattern… upset mr wonderful or the glamorous hr secretary… you leave the job….they privately arrange to get you either no job or a shit job( the crumbs) all these agencies and employers talk to each other many socialize. my work coach has a brother working for an agency. all agencies block you from direct access to employers. thats not helping you get a job. but you get blamed for not doing your best! and just what does the jobcentre do to help…. jackshit! dont let the employers, agencies,jobcentre or the dwp fool you. they want to stop your benefit or get commision, or get cheap disposable labour. disgraceful. this is what the government supports.. fat cats

        • You’re absolutely right, Mick. And I couldn’t have said it better. It’s a system that contradicts itself and does the total opposite of what it portrays. And even worse on top of that.

          Keep your head up mate. You’re better off without their help, or lack of it.


    • Yes it does, as I’ve been on it myself personally. The mission of the job centre is to help people but that’s hardly the case. You’re better off helping yourself 100% of the time when you’re there. Sounds like you inherited quite an opportunity, good for you. Make good use of it :) Thanks for commenting!

  • Hi Theo,
    Nearly 30 years old and been to job centre twice,And what you said about them is wrong,THEY ARE NAZI’S!!!the way they talk and look at you as if you’re some low life! Rather die than go back to them,I have been working since i was 14 due to some personal reasons and didn’t have any money or help for education,Done almost everything from lifting onions to delivering crisps,from driving vans to grocery stores,My Most recent job was driving a bus,done it for 7 years,but lost it due to some unfortunate circumstances,That was in 2013!!! I went to job Centre thinking that they might have changed etc but boy was i wrong!!!! I applied over 430 jobs in 2 months from Jcp and their recommended websites also wherever they sent me! that’s like 53 jobs applications a week! Not a single reply!!!I even asked if they can help me with some kind off security badge they just said nope!!! I just cant get a job anywhere!JCP where riding me like a Blackpool donkey all the time,I told them that i have done everything they have asked but they always said you are not trying hard enough!! one day got into an argument with the ”Adviser” that the way they treated me thinking i’m a scrounger who wants to live off the tax payer!! i told her that FYI who pays for your job and things just got more heated i just told em to shove their£70/perweek where the sun don’t shine!!! Now i’m 30 years old with no job!!! If no experience required then they want some kind of qualification,if no qualification required then they want some kinda experience!!!! What the hell am i suppose to do??? Even My wife left me in these hard times!!! its hopeless out there!!!

    • Hey, Hamza. Appreciate you taking the time out to leave an in depth comment! Lol Nazi’s is a strong word, but I can understand why you mentioned it from experience. You sound extremely independent and I admire your work ethic. I love that about you. I had something similar happen in 2012 where I was made redundant and had to go back to them at that time before going self employed and starting a business.

      What’s silly is they want some kind of qualification, but you’re not allowed to study whilst being at the job centre. Not sure if you knew. Have you ever thought of using your experiences in different careers to start a business? You can email – tjellis (at)

      • thanks for getting in touch Theo. much apreciatted!! lol nazis was a figure of speech!! govt is extremely fine when they are taking your hard earned money aka tax! its a day light robery!!! but when u are stuck then they are like oh how dare you fall in harsh times…how dare you fall ill etc sir you are a scrounger!! you know what i mean.. to start a business you need to have few things luck,money etc unfortunatly i dont have either..father is mega rich but also mega stingy never helped… so basicly im going right down the spiral right now… i dont know what to do..

        • You’re more than welcome, Hamza :) Lol I know, I know. I understand what you mean with the whole government thing… You don’t need as much money as you’d think. It all depends on the business you’re starting. And you have to get started before you can get lucky. Figure out what it is you want to do more than anything. And what you’re capable of doing. Than read up on it as much as you can, study people who have already done it. There is a way, don’t give up!

    • Hi, hope you holding up well. You are right what you said. I have just been to the jobcentre and they will stoop to anything for their own security. We are dealing with total control freaks I am dreading going back next week. I even went into the police station today and made a complaint against them, But what good is it You cannot deal with them either they are part of the same totalitarian establisment. At the age of 57 with rheumatism, I am self-publishing on Amazon and learning to write proficiently enough to take on this dictatorial government that was not elected democracy.
      It is time to stand together there must be some kind of protest by those
      who have nothing to lose.
      I and my partner are both unfit to work, next week I am signing for the last time and we will then both have to live on just over £70 pound a week. They are pushing me to the limits and now I am considering to protest with the result I will be put before a judge. At least then I will be able to speak to the corrupt establishment.

  • Very interesting article about the JC. I am an extremely independant type and don’t like to rely on the system of this kind. My experience with the JC, I found more Jobs than they can find me a job weather it was through their websites or other websites. I certainly found more jobs. I only had 2 jobs out of the Job center 1 was a temp job in a warehouse as a machine operator and another was a Kitchen Porter for a new resturant which actually went bust in 2008 times due to bad manager. Many jobs were either found with out using a job center or through family or friends.

    Previous Job I had was another Kitchen Porter Job for large company which made me redundant after 6 months. This job was found on the JC’s Website but I contacted the manager myself and applied. So Many jobs were found by going places and asking or looking online then manaually applying weather the add is on the JCP’s website or not it made very little differnce. I never actually contacted JCP when applying for a job from their website as I tend to contact the company directly after getting their phone number.

    I had Hell with the JSA just shortly after losing the JCP’s Resturant job due to stress possibly caused by major surgery I had at that time. I was actually without any JSA income for a while. I was also out looking for the job in the same manner, 1 company that I tried with while working at this resturant called me and wanted a part time Kitchen Porter so I took it as I no other job. The Job Center knew about this but I still did not get any JSA money, most of my money was coming out of this job. Although it was declared to the Job Center I am also working.

    In May 2007 another company called me which is where I am working at now still which is another Kitchen portering job for a university , because I applied while working at the JC restraunt simply because the JC resturant job was crap, not many hours and crap manager.

    However regarding the JSA, I did not have money coming in until I went to the CAB and this appears to get sorted. However by the time I got the money coming in, I had 2 jobs. In my eyes it was too late. The University job is monthly paid while the other Kitchen job was weekly and they were both next to each other.

    When I started to work both jobs, the JSA was stopped, I would work at the University Mon – Friday then work at the other Kitchen on Sat and Sunday When any Jobs at the University did fall on a Saturday I did actually do both as the university kitchen was during the day and the other in the evening. I had a letter from the govt about high Tax which force me to leave the job that had lowest hours and lowest pay which was the other Kitchen. Apparantly that kitchen has became run down since we left them because other people I knew there left as well.

    In my view the Job center does not really help me at all. Some youtube videos about the Job Center, they sound like very corrupt individuals. Regarding going Self Employed I thinking of taking up freelance work as Kitchen portering was supposed to be a temp job in place of getting in to ICT but had a lot of unsuccess with lack of experiences getting in to IT.

    I personally do not trust the Job Center as far as I throw it. They are useless and Nazis. I love to see them shut down.

    • Hey Vinnie. First of all I appreciate you taking the time to write such an in depth comment.

      Sounds like you’ve had a LOT of trouble with the job centre over the past years. And can 100% relate to what you’re saying. Every job I ever got when I was on it was off my own back. Never theirs. And the concept of going into a job centre to apply for jobs when it can be done from home on your computer or at a library is ludicrous.

      If anything using the job centre should be no more than a stepping stone, if absolutely necessary. But it’s definitely not the place to go if you’re in need of work, professional careers advice, business advice, or real solutions to solve your problems.

      I’m happy to see you’ve made progress and stepped away from it. Freelance or self employed is a great way to go once you get your foot in the door. Or if you plan to use any other skills you have on an independent basis.

      Hope it goes well for you!


      • Thanks for reply, I did come across an interesting article which related to the JSA. It had a title of

        “Jobless gardener who was ‘too proud’ to claim benefits commits sucide”

        This is not the 1st time I heard someone is too proud to claim benefits. Even when I did attend these sign on, I had to encourage my sister to do the same as she was just living on benefits. So I showed them the list of jobs I did try to get. Considering this time did occur 10 weeks after having a brain tumour removed and walked about 20 miles to find a job in 1 day and applied about 8 jobs by the time I got home I went streight to bed and did not get up til the next day. It was probley no wonder why I was pretty harsh on them in person or on the phone, then I threatened them with CAB. I very much meant what I said to them and did follow it through.

        If you have a look on youtube you will see encounters at the JC and even with their security. I never understood why they require security anyway you don’t see them in Banks they are more threatened by crimes than a Job Center. In my views to protect the corrupt staff who are involved in legalised bullying. However I do work with a Chef who has a benefit Scrounging Brother in Law and he does talk about him a lot and how much he hates him. That probley is an example of your saying about the Job Center is making people lazy. Although this guy may be using a disability living allowence, if I remember that right you get that through the JC too.

        I have tried that due to having a brain tumour removed in 2006, I was told if I can care for myself and help myself you are not eligable for it. I thought screw them. I never tried do that again. I don’t really trust a benefit system of this kind much anyway.

        I think the JC Advisors are brainwashed criminals that promote benefits and start to fuck with people causing problems like sanctions and etc. They don’t serve a purpose because they claim they want to help people back in to a job, that is completely the oppersite. More people appears to be waking up to these criminals as it is.

  • Hi….I have a recent experience with how useless job centers are. I was regitered only for a week and I spent my last money on food and travel to interviews. So I did get a job to start on monday but I have no means to travel and im also behind with rent so I asked them for help and I got told to phone their service line to ask for advance payment so I can getvto my new job. I did and on the line tehy told me that I havent got done my habitual residency test so they cant help me. In the job centre i got told that there is no reason for them to refuse me. Great system. So now I will unemployed and they will have to give me instead of money for a week that I would give back once I get paid money for a whole month. Logic of uk job centers. I hate them.

    • Hey Bronislava. I really appreciate your brutal honesty, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      What happened to you doesn’t surprise me at all in the slightest. The jobcentre are awful when it comes to communication, their system is broken, and where one person will tell you one thing, another of their departments will tell you something else.

      Most of them have no interest in helping you and would rather you be stuck in the jobcentre.

      From what you told me you got a job pretty damn quickly. So keep your head up high and stay positive. You’ll have a job and be out of there before you know it from what I can tell!

      If there’s any resources you need help with, let me know. :)

  • Hey Guys I am 20 and im currently claiming Universal Credit I have worked in several places in the past all through what I HAVE FOUND…. Not the jobcentre there is a group that they had referred me to called Standguide who continually badger me with so called ‘Opportunities’ to get back into work and I have said yes because i feel oppressed and forced to do so when I know I have a choice in the matter. before all this I was on Jobseekers allowance in 2014 where they had put me onto a security course for a job with OCS which was a 0 hour contract and afterwards I was due to go to a family related event which I had informed the job centre about and LDM services ltd who was providing the training and setting me up with an interview with OCS. I never got an interview after I came back but they told me that I had got the job yet i was going to be working for them whilst being paid jobseekers allowance because apparently due to me being 18 at the time I needed to do another course when the other person who was 18 aswell didnt have to! So i told them I was not interested as I wasnt going to work for them whilst on benefits. A few months later i struck a bit of luck and found myself an apprenticeship with a company called Howdens where i was a warehouse operative but was unfortunately not kept on at the end of it. Which put me back to the job centre and introduced me to Standguide After being there for 3 months with Standguide i found a job working in a kitchen where the managers and staff had treated me poorly so i left which led me back to standguide again.

    They have put me through to a company called RGIS which was a 0 Hour Contract role after I had the interview I told standguide I was not interested then they put me through to an interview which was going to last 4 Hours long with a company called the IAC they told me it was a full time permanent position with good money I got there and saw I was being interviewed by Extra Personnel who are a recruitment Agency and one of the WORST in the UK . They gave me a Maths and English test to do before being considered for the Job so I failed them on purpose so I wouldn’t get it. Then yesterday 10/08/2016 they put me through to another Company called Pilot IMS LTD who were supposed to be training me to provide me with a City and Guilds L2 in Manufacturing when it actually turns out it was only selected Units so i would not have received any certification for it whatsoever. They would be having me working in a classroom and carpentry workshop making a chessboard and I dont understand how any of this would fit into manufacturing at all ? Following on from that I would be put into contact with a group called the Pump for a week who would set me up an interview with 1 of 6 employers starting with Alcoa which these units would only be an acceptable standard with these employers that they put me through to and not any other employer!
    My most recent and proper employment was in April and from then I have had several interviews set up for me through the 3aas Apprenticeship provider I was put onto one by the 3aaa’s with a company called Supreme Systems was only there for a week and they kicked me off and deemed that i was not suitable for the role yet they only had me logging tickets and answering phone calls and after that the manager refused to pay me until my moms friend interrogated him over the phone to pay me. The following morning 100 pound was put into my bank but was not the full amount for the amount of time that i had worked with them.
    Then after that I had to go back and sign on with the Jobcentre and start seeing standguide again which has led me up to now with what i have stated.

    What i want to do now is Tell standguide that i do NOT want to do this course will I get sanctioned if i do so? They cannot issue sanctions themselves and I have not signed any documentation whatsoever that forces me to go!

    • Hey Nathan. Sorry to hear this. I know exactly where you’re coming from because I’ve experienced it all personally. It disappoints me to see these kinds of things still happen in 2016, and yet at the same time it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

      To answer your question:

      I don’t believe you’ll be sanctioned if you don’t do the course. If you don’t sign the contract, papers, etc, then there’s technically nothing they can really do. But there are plenty of assholes in the jobcentre so they just might sanction, or at least “threaten” to do so. Even If they really don’t or can’t.

      I’d recommend you checkout these 3 links:




      Hope that helps man. If there’s something else you need, just respond to my comment ?

      • Thank you for the reply I have researched into those articles that you recommended me to read and managed to highlight bits of specific information that are relevant to my current situation.The picture of the contract shown that standguide make you sign which is supposed to place you with them for 2 years when I was told by the job centre they help you for 8 months i originally started with standguide around january its now august thats 8 months so I would be there for that maximum amount of time the only reason i actually go to see them now is because they pay for stuff i may require for a job or to help me obtain a specific job but thats not the case as they said.I do not have enough in my ‘personal budget’ which is if i remember correctly around 325 pounds only over 100 pound has been spent from that budget so its clear to me that do not wish to help me in regards to that any further using the budget but they have helped me and advised me on particular positions that I am interested in but the opportunities there putting me through to there either not aware how awful they are or just purely dont care and want you in work. But luckily the Standguide centre I go to all the staff there are being made redundant soon so what has got me thinking is will the job centre put me through to somebody else and ask me to sign contracts aswell if they do so am I required to sign them if I know full well they can exploit me using those documents ?

        • Hey Nathan. If they’re all being made redundant, then technically you won’t have to sign anything. And besides, if you don’t sign it then there shouldn’t be anything they can do about it.

          The best way to find out is to find out. But those links I sent you made some good points, and it would be best to make your judgements based on that.


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