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Before you ask “is it OK to destroy the world?”, you should ask – what world am I destroying?

There are two worlds you could destroy:

  1. Your own world (beliefs, ideals, life, etc).
  2. The world outside of you.

Each world is broken up into slices (I’m picturing cheese right now).

So if you were to destroy” any world, it would be:


1. The world of negativity

There’s way too much of this already. The mainstream news vomits negativity all day everyday. We need LESS of it, not more.


2. The world of destruction

This includes anybody who’s out to make life worse for everybody as a whole. Like terrorists and so on. More destruction leads to even more destruction. And eventually death and murder.


3. The world of self pity

This can be part of your own world, and it does no good to get caught up in it. It just leads to poor self esteem, or worse, suicide and depression.


4. The world of hate

Like the mainstream news we don’t need more negativity. It’s too much already.

It’s not always easy, but sometimes you can help people who are full of hatred and rid of it for their own good. By showing them love and kindness.

And eradicating your own hatred is also necessary, as it leads to nowhere worthwhile.


5. The world of inequality

Lots of things are unfair in society. As is with life. Why not work to destroy the world of inequality instead? It’s better than the alternative.


6. The world of comparison

This is mostly part of your own world. Comparison destroys your self esteem, hangs your confidence by its neck, and attempts to strangle it until it dies a tragic death.

The more you eradicate the world of comparison, the better you feel and that will benefit society if more people do it.


7. The world of judgment

This one is an ongoing battle. We judge people everyday, including ourselves. But the more you improve yourself and open up your mind, the better you’ll be able to communicate.

Judgment alone can add too much fuel to the fire, and that causes some people to do things that are drastic and harmful.


8. The world of ego

Too much ego is like too much poison. Enough of it will literally kill you. Never attach your ego to things. Easier said than done, but still worth it.


9. The world of racism

Why should it be OK to treat others like shit just because of how they look? That’s bullshit.

It may take a while (or longer), but the world of racism only aims to hinder. And it’s also related to the world of hate and destruction.

In other words, it’s OK to destroy the world, as long as it doesn’t destroy others. And instead, it benefits the world as a whole including your own.

Otherwise what’s the point? You’ll achieve nothing worth the effort.


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