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Wherever you live in the world, never let circumstances over come you. Never let your circumstances beat you down till you’re broken.

Some of you dislike what you see in the mirror because of past bullying. Being verbally abused about your looks can cause you to dislike in yourself.

Some of us have a pretty bad habit of comparing ourselves to somebody else, whether famous or non famous.

Some of us have grown to be so negative about ourselves, we desperately attempt to find love because we’ve never been shown any love in the household.

WHATEVER your reason is, just know there’s an infinite amount of things to love about yourself! I’ve laid down some simple ways that’ll show you how to love yourself for who you are.


1. Be Nice To Yourself

If you’re the type to compliment others and treat yourself like shit, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Treat yourself the same way you treat your friends/family.

If you make a mistake, instead of saying “i’m a fucking idiot”, just forgive yourself and keep it moving.

If you fail at a test, be proud of yourself for doing your best then learn from it. Compliment yourself when you look in the mirror.

Compliment yourself when you try on some new clothes, jewelry, trainers, shoes. And NO, complimenting yourself doesn’t make you vain in the slightest.

It’s called self confidence and acknowledging yourself.


2. Accept Yourself For Who You Are

So what if somebody else is more successful than you? Is it really necessary for you to be comparing yourself to them?

Why not just be happy for who you are and what you have to offer? You’re unique in a number of ways. You have your own voice, talents, smile, looks, laugh, style just to name a few.

You are what you are and you always will be. If you look at it that way, you’ll realize how pointless it is to be negative about yourself.


3. Believe It When People Compliment You

It’s kinda weird how hundreds of us have a tendency to believe negative compliments over positive. Almost 100% of the time when someone says something cruel about you, they’re trying to bring you down.

Listen and take in nice compliments people have to say about you. It feels good to be complimented and it can definitely strengthen your self beliefs.

You should love who you are, honest compliments should give you a good reason to.


4. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Even the smallest of accomplishments should be celebrated. It’s too easy to over look little successes because of comparison. Most of us only believe in success when something MASSIVE happens.

That’s the wrong way to think, no matter how large or tiny, accomplishments are accomplishments. Celebrate every single one of them with a night out, take out, or whatever you please.


5. Surround Yourself With People Who Love You

If you’re around those who don’t uplift you, make you happy, get rid of em or spend less time with em.

If your circle doesn’t make you feel good about yourself, it’s not gonna help you feel good about yourself either.

Be around loving, caring people who always make you smile, laugh, happy.

Surround yourself with people who motivate, inspire you and make you feel good about being you.


6. Be Selfish From Time To Time

It’s nice to put energy into other people and help them be happy or whatever… But if you’re not happy with yourself it’s no good. Sometimes you have to be selfish and do things that are within your best interest.

It’s no good trying to please others if you’re not pleasing yourself. Treat yourself, take care of yourself, do things that’ll make YOU happy.


7. Acknowledge Your Talents

Saying – “I don’t have any” isn’t a valid answer. That goes back to step 1 – Be Nice To yourself. Everybody has their own unique traits, characteristics and skills.

Recognize yours and be proud of what you have. Your talents are only exclusive to you, they can’t be copyrighted.

And If you genuinely don’t know what your talents and skills are? I’d recommend taking this strengths test:

Top 5 Strengths Test


8. Believe In Yourself

There’s nothing more important than believing in your own abilities. You’re worth way more than you even realize, the only thing holding you back is self belief.

Believe you’re good looking. Believe you’re talented. Believe you’re capable, and believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Believe it all!

And most importantly, acknowledge your accomplishments to strengthen your beliefs. No matter how big or small the accomplishment is.


What have you learnt from this post? 


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