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We have all been on the same page paying for the gym, attended an online course, bought an e-book and then just failed to get it all done.

Sound familiar?

I had the best intentions, to become better and use the new skills to earn more and support my family even more. But I failed.

While these failures occur in the long run, it happened on a daily basis too. Probably happened to you also.

I believe you’ve had those days, waking up motivated and ready to kick some butt, but didn’t get it all done.

Why is this happening to us? What are we doing wrong?

In my experience, working with people all the time I found four main reasons why we don’t get it all done…


1. Too much optimism

While there’s nothing wrong with confidence because it motivates us and gives us a boost on a personal level, too much of it is counterproductive.

We overrate ourselves and fail to make a realistic estimation of the tasks we need to perform.

It is good to be optimistic and expect things to be done in a reasonable period, but we are not able to do 2 – 5 times more than what we can. At the end when we try to squeeze in the task, we fail and optimism beats us.


2. What about the little things? Do you count them? 

This goes hand in hand with optimism. When we try to estimate our working or learning power, we do not consider the little things.

Things like the bathroom, lunch time, phone calls, emails, driving from point A to point B, getting gas, laundry, getting dressed.

These are all time-consuming tasks, and we must perform them. There is simply no way of avoiding them.

So, next time when you want to be super productive and get it all done, do account for the little things, too.


3. We fail to face resistance

We have hopes and goals but all of a sudden when we hit resistance (someone will tell you not today, the order is late) we fail.

It’s in our behavior to return to our comfort zones and do nothing about it.

Every task has pros and cons, but by avoiding it entirely, you won’t be able to get it all done.


4. It all depends on the environment

Get it all done means being in a positive atmosphere.

If you work in a team and all of the team members are positive and willing to help each other, the chances are quite big that you will finish everything on time.

But if you’re procrastinating, and nobody knows about that, resistance will beat you, and that’s it. This also applies to self-employed people when they struggle and most of them quit.


What is the secret of getting it all done?

There is a solution which will help you to use that gym pass, finish your course and e-book…


To get it all done, you only need to understand these suggestions:

1. You only have 4-5 hours of productive time

Make estimations based on that, not on your full work time. Consider the small things or the small tasks we’ve mentioned before.

Organize better, see how much time the little things consume from your day.

2. Reserve those 4-5 hours for productivity

You cannot allow anything to compromise that time, or you’ll never get it all done. Reserve time for those small things, too.

3. Combine the little things into one, if possible

Cut them out or combine them because your estimations could be wrong in regards to how much you think you can get done.

4. Cut the distractions

Get rid of distractions like TV, social media, surfing online, and you will probably add an extra 24 hours a week for more productive things.

5. For all important tasks and things, create a great environment

Find someone supportive to you who will motivate you to get it all done. Not all at once, but gradually striving to finish it in a reasonable time.

6. When you’re ready to focus and start doing the important things, face resistance

Yeah, stare it in the face of that “old lady”. She isn’t so scary.

Look deeper, find the reasons why you want that particular thing done and keep going forward. Once you learn how to face resistance only the sky is the limit. And doing the important things will be easier.


I hope that you will find my viewpoint of why we don’t get it all done useful and these suggestions will help you to finish whatever you’ve started so far.

When you feel like you are losing focus come back to this article and see what the reason is.

Trust me, when you read it again, you will smile because you will know what’s stopping you from getting it all done!


Do you have some suggestions on how to get all things done on time? Please feel free to share it with us and our audience.

We would love to hear how you handle things and we are always open to learn new things from someone else’s experience.

Don’t quit on your dreams. You can do it!


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