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Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

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Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

It is so easy to stay laying in bed, sleeping until you have five minutes before leaving. Only to sprint to the bus with your shoe in your hand and a bagel in your foot.

But the way you start your day effects the rest of it.

Hitting snooze ten times before crawling out of bed will most likely have a deep affect to your whole productivity throughout the day.

So how can you skip the snooze button and throw the blanket to the wayside?


1. Commit

When I wake up, the first thing I do is that I open my computer and send my personal coach a message on Skype to confirm that I’m awake.

This way I have to get out of bed, and by time I’ve sent my message I’m already up.

And I don’t feel like jumping under the blankets again.

Promises made to other people make you responsible for committing to them, as your habits are not anymore just ideas in your head.

Ask your best friend or someone from work to be your “snooze guard”, who you will send a message to when you wake up.

And watch the difference it makes to your day.


2. Alarm-clock

Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

The amount of times I’ve hit snooze in my sleep just to wake up to being an hour late is shameful.

I was so used to grabbing my phone and hitting snooze that I could do it in my sleep.

Put your phone or alarm clock across the room.

Change your alarm sounds every now and then to avoid getting used to their sound and sleeping past them.

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3. Schedule

Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

Schedule your day the night before.

Overall, making a timetable of your days helps to manage time and getting the most out of your most precious resource.

When you wake up knowing exactly what you need to start with, you won’t have an excuse to stay under the blankets.

Great way to sprint out of bed is to put your exercising clothes next to your bed, and jump right into them as you wake up and head for a run.


4. Sleep

Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

Getting enough sleep might sound obvious, but I myself struggled with waking up since I was not getting enough sleep.

I only slept for 4-5 hours a night, felt extremely tired throughout the day, and had to force myself to wake up again in the morning.

Calm yourself down before going to bed by putting your phone away, meditating and reading.

Or whatever it is that helps you calm yourself.


5. Reasons

Five Ways To Not Hit Snooze In The Morning

To develop a sustainable habit, you have to convince yourself that this is a habit you want to have.

  1. Why do you want to wake up early?
  2. What long-period effects will it have?
  3. Is there an easier solution that you could try?

Understanding the whys of waking up early will form affirmations that will remind you about why you started in the first place.


Don’t get frustrated if you won’t be able to wake up at 5 AM for the first weeks.

New habits, especially a hard one like this, take a lot of time.

Getting used to a new sleep pattern takes some adjustment and you may feel tired for several weeks.

But keep going.

It will pay off in the end if you want it bad enough.

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