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Face Your Fears Head On | Are You Ready To Take Action?

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Face Your Fears Head On | Are You Ready To Take Action?

Imagine a black venomous spider jumped on the back of your neck and attempted to bite you.

You’d do whatever it takes to shrug it off, right? After all you could potentially be killed If you didn’t.

That’s a fear worth avoiding.

But the types of fears many of us are afraid of are things that will benefit us. Like taking action instead of holding yourself back and talking yourself out of it!

You can use fear to motivate you and push you beyond your limits. But if you let fear dominate you, it’ll can stop you from achieving so much more.

In today’s post i’ll show you how to face your fears head on! No matter what the challenge is.


1. Instead Of Saying Why, Say WHY NOT?

You haven’t got anything to lose have you? Think about it for a second, then ask yourself this.

If i do it will i be losing out? Will i be any worse off? I guarantee the answer will most likely be NO.

Lets say you’re a girl, and there’s a guy you like but you don’t wanna ask for his number in case of rejection.

Well what do you really have to lose? Even if he turns you down there are plenty of other guys you’ll like anyway.

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea… Well there are plenty other guys out here too so it’s no loss.

This principle applies to all areas of your life. If you’re afraid to:

  • Start a business.
  • Meet new people.
  • Challenge yourself.
  • Step out your comfort zone.
  • Start a YouTube channel.

It’s all the same. The more you ask – WHY NOT, the more control you’ll have over your fear.


2. Stop Thinking, Take Action

What are you worried about? It’s obvious you wanna do it if you’re wrecking your brains over it.

You’re most likely making up scenarios in your head which are stopping you from taking real action. Am i right?

Now lets say you’re a musician, your dream is to perform on stage and you wanna do it on a regular basis.

It’s no good thinking about it. Thinking is the first step but it’s useless if you don’t take action.

What’s stopping you? Fear of being booed on stage for your first time? Fear of people not liking what you do?

Fear of people laughing, mocking you for doing what you love?

Who cares what others have to say, everybody has to go through this phase to become successful in their career. That goes for every career/business out there as well.

Be more like action man and go for it!

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Make it habit to step out your comfort zone and do something you fear. Then your confidence will grow dramatically.


3. Believe You Can Do Anything You Desire

Because you really can if you put your mind to it. The more you believe it, the easier it’ll be to achieve it.

Build up your confidence and hammer away at the things you’re naturally good at or drawn to.

Any negative thoughts will give fear all the power it needs to put you on a leash (woof woof).

Punch fear in the face and show it whose boss! You have the power, all it takes is a strong belief system, practice, and a ton of action.


4. Work On Your Fears Frequently

If you’ve had a fear based mindset for some time, it wont be that simple. Things take time and time requires a whole lot of patience.

Practice doing what you fear on a daily basis if you can, or just whenever you feel comfortable. But make sure you practice it enough for it to have an effect on you.

As you begin to build up the confidence, you’ll start to notice the ease of it overtime. Keep up the consistency and you’re bound to see great results.


5. Make A Decision

If your fear is based on committing to your passions, ask yourself a serious question.

If i let fear stop me, will i be doing what i enjoy? From there, it’s really down to you to face your fears head on.

Like i said earlier, not everything can be done at once. Just give it some time, add a kilo of dedication and you’ll get there eventually.


6. Focus On How Good You’ll Feel After Facing Your Fears

Before doing the thing we fear most, the feeling will be uneasy, worrying. But once we accomplish the thing we fear, the feeling is more than satisfying.

Look past your fears, imagine how GOOD you’ll feel after doing it.

Maybe you’re passionate about diving with sharks but the FEAR is stopping you from making it happen.

Well imagine how happy you’ll be after overcoming your fear!

That’s what you should spend your time focusing on. As long as what you’re gonna do won’t kill you, there’s nothing to lose.


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