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Conquer Your Fears To Build Self Confidence

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Conquer Your Fears To Build Self Confidence

Guest post by Matt Jones who’s a marketing and business blogger.


Conquer your fears to build self confidence

Developing yourself and your business is vital to the entrepreneurial spirit. Something every excellent entrepreneur knows is how to get back up when you’ve been knocked down.

Anyone who wants to improve their business in any shape, way or form will also tell you that communication in business is paramount to success.

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it. Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company.

Communication experts TollFreeForwarding.com recently surveyed over 2000 people and asked the difference in what communication they use and the results they got back.

Shockingly 16-24 year olds were more afraid of using the phone in a business scenario than they would be in their personal life.

As T.J. says, Everyday action is vital to success. Point 7 references that “Actions lead to results”.

This is true and applicable to those who want to better themselves and their phone manner. As cheesy as it sounds, practice really does make perfect.

You’ll come across people who naturally seem more confident in their manner, but these people are the people who, to quote Nike, just do it. 

As the survey shows, nearly half of the respondents have phone fears; which is a really high percentage in a business environment.

So why have the other half got none? Because they’ve picked up their phone and gone past their fear point.

And they’ve managed to overcome the reason why they were scared.

They’ve had good phone calls and bad phone calls and just accepted that this is a skill and they’re constantly developing themselves.

This is a technique that not only can benefit you in your business life but crossover into your personal life too.

Although this looks simple written down it’s not always that useful if your fear seems unconquerable.

These were the main reasons people gave about being afraid to pick up their phone. –

  • Giving Bad News.
  • Feelings or symptoms of anxiety.
  • Confrontation and fear of rejection.
  • Worrying about potential misunderstandings.
  • Fear of being misheard.
  • Nerves.
  • Not being able to communicate effectively.
  • Forgetting things.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone, and all great leaders and success stories have made mistakes. You need to make mistakes to become better yourself at anything!


What fear has held you back in either your life or your career? Speak your mind in the comment section.


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