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Confidence Building Statements


Many confidence building statements and affirmations suggested by self help “gurus” usually don’t work. Why? Because you’re not stupid. That’s why. You can’t kid yourself into saying something you don’t believe.

So how’s what I’m saying any different? These confidence building statements I’ve laid out apply to everybody at all levels, because of the way it’s worded. As opposed to trying to trick yourself into believing something that’s blatantly false.

  1. I may not be confident now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t build the confidence I deserve.
  2. I’m not capable of doing everything, but I’m more than capable of doing some things really well.
  3. As long as I keep practicing, my self confidence is bound to grow.
  4. I may be afraid of the things I haven’t done, but the more I face my fears the more my confidence will grow.
  5. To be more confident than I am, I have to practice more than I have.
  6. I don’t need the whole world to accept me, as long as I accept myself 100%.
  7. Not everybody will like me, and I’m OK with that.
  8. The more I focus/work on my strengths, the more confident I’ll become.
  9. If other people can build the confidence they deserve, there’s no reason I can’t do the same.