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Characteristics Of High Self Esteem

These are the characteristics of high self esteem:


1. High amounts of self respect

High self esteem individuals are overflowing with self respect.

They respect themselves enough to NOT go against their morals, ethics, and things they believe in. They also hold themselves to a high standard and think highly of themselves.


2. Feel good within their own skin

When a person has high amounts of self esteem, it’s usually because they feel great about themselves.

They feel happy within their own skin, and they enjoy being in their own skin. They don’t detest themselves, or want to be something other than what they are.


3. They acknowledge compliments

Everybody is complimented for one thing or another. In one way or another.

People with high amounts of self esteem acknowledge compliments given by others, as well as genuinely appreciate those compliments.


4. They’re comfortable looking in the mirror

It’s true. If you’re not comfortable looking in the mirror, your self esteem will never be as high as you’d like it to be.

High self esteem people are not only comfortable with what they see in the mirror, but they’re happy with what they see in the mirror.


5. Self-Love.

High self esteem people love themselves down the core. What that means is they treat themselves with respect, they give themselves the best of the best, and they love who they are.

The same way you’d treat somebody you love is the same way someone with high self esteem treats themselves.


6. They focus on their strengths

High self esteem people focus on the things they’re good at, and dismiss the things they’re not so good at. Because they know by focusing on your strengths, they’ll become better people and develop their skills. Which in return will grow their self confidence and self esteem.

Focusing on your weaknesses has the opposite effect. Why? Because your weaknesses have no potential for growth.

And if you’re focused on what you’re terrible at doing, you’ll eventually be convinced you’re no good at anything.


7. They never compare themselves to anyone

The game of comparison is a dangerous game to play. High self esteem individuals know this because comparison leads to feelings of inferiority.

And if you feel inferior, your self esteem will suffer because of it.

High self esteem individuals compare themselves to themselves.

They focus on bettering themselves, challenging themselves, and being better today than they were yesterday. And that in itself continues to sustain their self esteem.


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