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I was foolish to NOT have seen it coming. It all ended with the supervisor screaming and shouting in my face, as if he was my own father. And I was his 8 year old child.

I thought – Yeah fucking right…

Is this guy serious?

Then I accepted the fact I was being made redundant a second later. Which is another way of saying they were telling me to fuck off.

So I took my locker keys and threw them. Or something like that.

Then finally I left my ugly blue overalls, got my shit and left like I was a new man on a new mission.

That same day, little did I know that being made redundant would change the direction of my life.

To the point where I not only started pursuing the things I should have earlier, but I discovered things I probably wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

Let’s talk a little more about that, and how it feels…


What Being Made Redundant And Jobless Feels Like:


1. Being kicked in the balls

Before being made redundant, I was surrounded by toxic people in a toxic environment. An environment where breathing seemed difficult.

Because it was so polluted with negativity, jealousy, hate, and misery, it made it hard for someone who isn’t any of those things (like myself) to deal with.

I’m a cool, calm and collected kind of guy. I’m easy going. Laid back. Care free. And extremely happy in my own skin.

Without sounding like I’m exaggerating, I was the angel in white being suffocated by devils in black.

If you’re a guy, you may know what being kicked in the balls feels like. The pain is excruciating, unbearable, and distracting.

That’s kinda what it feels like to lose your job. Especially if you’re relying on it to give you a regular income, security, or whatever else you expected of it.

But just as with a kick in the balls, the pain goes away within a short period of time.

You start to forget the “pain” that you attach to the loss.


You eventually realize that it wasn’t a loss at all.

And the pain you felt in the moment was nothing but an exaggeration, created by fear and worry.

And you start to feel relieved and even lucky that it happened. Because you realize had you stayed there any longer, you would have lived to regret it later in life.

The feeling of being “kicked” in the balls was necessary for me. Because as with any kind of pain that’s excruciating, even for a moment, you never want to experience it ever again.

And that’s what being made redundant did for me. I never wanted to feel or go through that ever again.

A position where someone else has power over you, and at a click of a finger they can rid of you as if you’re a carton of milk that’s reached it’s expiration date. Even if there was nothing wrong with the carton of milk in the first place.

Who wants that? Not me. It was never my intention to go the “job” route, so being kicked in the balls as I’ve put it, is the thing I needed to wake me up and align myself with what I want.


2. Someone stealing from you behind your back

Imagine you’re on holiday in Miami, Florida. You’re enjoying Miami beach. The hot air. The eye candy. The time off. The relaxation as you kick back, relax, and gaze into the blue ocean without a worry in the world.

Then you head back to your Hotel, you get a phone call from Family, and you find out your house back home has been burgled.

All your most precious belongings and whatever else you left behind is GONE. As If David Blaine performed a magic trick to make it all vanish.


Well, that’s what being made redundant feels like….

When you lose your job:

  1. Your dreams.
  2. Goals.
  3. Plans.
  4. Ambitions.
  5. Future.
  6. Money.
  7. Routine.
  8. Income.
  9. Schedule.
  10. Security.
  11. Time.

And everything related is STOLEN from you. Right under your nose. And you can’t do anything about it to reverse it.

You can’t take back the plans that have been stolen from you. The plans that you had in mind that your job would have made possible for you.

You can’t take back any of it. Because the thief who stole it from you, aka your employer, has already sold it off and there’s no getting any of it back.

Losing your job is the equivalent of burglary. Because like burglary or robbery, it happens so unexpectedly. And for the most part, you’re unprepared before it happens.


I have been made redundant before and it is a terrible blow. Redundant is a rotten word because it makes you think you are useless.” – Billy Connolly


What was your experience like? And how did losing your job impact your life?

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