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What the fuck! That was my response to the fact that there are over 1.2 billion gamers worldwide. And $101 billion dollars is spent on video games globally.

Besides that, and besides the opinions some people have about gaming, there are 5 things video games can teach you about life.

These 5 things are absolute, meaning there’s no getting around it. And even if you did manage to, it’s a price that’s not worth paying in the long run.


1. There are no shortcuts

We all want to become healthy, wealthy, and wise with no effort or risk, but a price has to be paid. There are no shortcuts. – Unknown

Think back to a video game you played growing up, or maybe a game you’ve played on your smartphone.

No matter what you do and no matter how much of a cheater you are, it’s impossible to take shortcuts. And if you try to take shortcuts, the game finds some way to shut you down and defeat you for even trying.

Video games are set out to be that way, and funnily enough life is set out in a similar way, too.

How many people have taken diet pills in an attempt to lose weight, and have died because of it? Or in some cases – they were lucky enough to escape death?

How many people have played the lotto, won millions of pounds, only to lose it all in a heart beat? And how many people get involved with fraud, make fast money, then end up being thrown in jail indefinitely?

Too fucking many!

If it’s something worth having, no shortcut is going to take you there. Because no shortcuts exist.

And If you’re delusional to think shortcuts do exist and there is a way to game the system, reality will likely punch you in the mouth, break your nose, and steal your happiness. Leaving you with nothing but misery and regret.


2. There’s always a solution to a problem

Just because we can’t find a solution doesn’t mean there isn’t one. – Andrew Wiles

Video games, like all games are designed with solutions to the problems you come across. If there were no solution, then you’d obviously have no chance of winning or succeeding.

Sometimes It’s hard to see the solution. Sometimes It’s difficult to believe you’ll come across a solution.

Especially when all you can see are the same problems repeating themselves, no matter how many different ways you approach it. But in the end, once you find it the relief that comes with it is more than satisfying.

Life is the same way.

Doubting yourself is easy. Giving up is easy. But if somebody else has already done it, it means there’s a solution and you just haven’t found it yet.


3. It’s not over until you quit

You aren’t defeated when you lose. You’re only defeated when you quit. – Unknown

Video games get frustrating when you keep losing and losing. Over and over and over again. Yet the best video gamers in the world are those who never give up, never quit, and keep pushing forward until they WIN.

Why? Because they know every game can be beaten. That’s the whole point of it.

Life is the same way.

The system may be against you. The odds might be against you. The world, your competitors, and society may even be against you. But it’s not over until you quit, throw in the towel, and throw up the flag.

You can quit and start making excuses as to why things didn’t work out for you. Or you can change something you’re doing until you get it right and finally make a breakthrough.

If you wouldn’t quit in a video game, then you shouldn’t quit in the game of life.


4. If it’s not challenging, it’s not motivating

Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. – Joshua J. Marine

Ever played a video game that was too easy for your liking? Or even a game on your Android/IOS smartphone? When a video game is too easy, when you’ve mastered it in every possible way, it gets boring.

Why? Because when it’s too easy it’s not challenging. And if it’s not challenging there’s nothing to motivate you.

This is the exact reason why if your goals are too small, you won’t be driven enough to achieve them. And you’ll settle for what you’ve already accomplished because accomplishing a tiny bit more isn’t enough to get you excited or interested.

Treat life like a video game.

Put life on the hardest difficulty you can put it on. Or at least test out medium, semi-hard difficult challenges. The types of challenges that will not only motivate you, but will forever change your life after succeeding.

The type of challenges that people would say – “Wow, you’ve done that? That’s so inspiring, you’re cool.”


5. Anything worth having doesn’t come easy

The easier it is, the less rewarding it’ll be is what I like to say. And it’s true.

Try playing a video game on the easiest difficulty possible. And I guarantee the reward will be too small and uninteresting to get you excited.

The same can be said about clubbing.

If I go to a club on a Friday night, I could pull a girl within the first 10 – 30 minutes of being there If I wanted to. Because the girls in that environment (generally speaking) are too easy and typical. So the reward isn’t satisfying or worthy enough.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

The biggest rewards you get in video games for beating the hardest boss of all bosses is always thrilling and exciting. The pay off is worth the struggle and effort.

If you want anything worthy within your lifetime, cheating your way there isn’t going to work.

Life is no different to a video game.

Cheating will only get you so far when it comes to the big rewards and the big pay offs. And that’s as legit as the law of physics.


Let’s finish up this post with a video game quote! 😉

5 Things Video Games Can Teach You About Life



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