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5 Powerful Reasons To Pursue Your Dreams

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5 Powerful Reasons To Pursue Your Dreams
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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Dreams are what make us human. Every human being has a dream to be something, do something, accomplish something. But in the society we live in it can be tough to even consider going for your dreams.

Why? Because most people don’t, and when you’re frequently around those who don’t, it can rub off onto you. Not only that, money is a necessity so it can be easy to just “settle for a regular job” since our dreams aren’t likely to pay the bills in the beginning.

According to the Guardian UK newspaper, a study revealed just 4.3% of people feel they’re working in their dream career. And two thirds of people give up on their dream career by the time they’re just 20 years old. I’m sure those numbers aren’t much different worldwide either.

Consider these 5 powerful reasons to pursue your dreams today 🙂

1. You’re Not Getting Any Younger.

The longer you wait around and put off your dreams, the older you’re going to get. It can’t helped, the time is going to pass. I know it’s tough and I know the road to fulfilling your dreams isn’t easy, but remember this. The easier it is the less rewarding it will be. 

You’ve got to fight for your dreams and pursue them while you still can!


2. It Means The World To You.

Dreams make us happy, dreams make you happy. Your dreams get you excited and keep you inspired through out the day. Your dreams help you get out of bed every morning. Your dreams give you something to live for, strive for. Your dreams give your life meaning, purpose, and even hope.

Put simply – your dreams mean everything to you. So don’t let your dreams die out and fade away. You have your dreams for a reason, so go for it!


3. Your Dreams Are Possible.

There are many negative people in this world who may tell you otherwise. There are many people who will shoot down your dreams the moment you try to bring them to life.

There are those who will envy, maybe get a little jealous, or try talking you out of your dreams. You may have friends or family telling you “It’s impossible”. But deep down in your heart, you know much better than that.

Is your dream to be a successful musician? Take a look at Beyonce, Jay Z, Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, 50 cent, Bob Marley, etc. They’ve all become successful musicians, it’s not impossible.

Maybe your dream is to become a successful writer, blogger, engineer, designer, chef, etc. Whatever it is, you can always find people who have already done it. Anything is possible in this world. Don’t lose hope.



4. You Deserve To Live Out Your Dreams.

When it all comes to down to it, you deserve to live out your dreams. You deserve to live your life the way you dream to live it. You deserve much more than living below your true potential. We all have the potential to do so much more and be so much more.

But before anything, you must start believing you deserve to live out your dreams. Because you really can.

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5. You’ll Make The World A Better Place.

Think about it. If you pursue your dreams and get some success out of it, you’ll be able to influence and inspire people.

And it doesn’t require you to be a huge success for it to happen. Just by getting started, people around you may pick up on your habits, your attitude, your drive, and your passion.

That alone can inspire and influence others to follow their dreams and walk the same path. We all have something to offer, and by doing it and getting better at it, you’ll be giving something to the world that wasn’t there before. So if you’re going to do it for any reason, this definitely should be on the list.


What are your thoughts on this post? Let me know, I’m listening.


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