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I needed a way to start this off. So I went over to the Manchester evening news site and noticed this headline:

Money laundering conman who tricked bank into giving him £345,000 mortgage is jailed

4 Things You Want People To Care About (But They Actually Don't)It’s said he’ll be going to jail for an entire 6 years of his life.

How many people will be giving a fuck about him while he’s behind bars? 

You might say – few people will care, because he asked for it.

But the truth is – whether he asked for it or not, his situation is no different to many of our own problems and circumstances.

The same way few people will be giving a fuck about his problems is no different to how people don’t care about your own problems.

Generally speaking.

Think about the problems you’re facing right now. And think about the people you’ve shared your problems with. Then answer this question:

Do they really care? 

Or are they just being sympathetic? (which is another way of politely saying – “I don’t really care”

If you’re being honest with yourself you’ll realize few people actually do care. At least In a genuine, no bullshit kind of way.

And wanting them to care doesn’t change the fact that they could care less.

Here are 4 Things you want people to care about (but they actually don’t). 

1. The fact that you’re being bullied 

Whether you were deaf (literally), had speech problems, or something other it didn’t matter back in school.

If you were fat then you’d be bullied until your spirit was crushed like an apple being run through a blender.

If you had speech problems or stuttered, they’d insult you for their own entertainment.

And the crazy thing is this is even worse outside of school.

Some of us (as adults) watch victims of bullying be bullied right in front of our own eyes. And do nothing.

And yet these same people will scream “it’s so terrible, why would someone do that to another human being”.

When I was bullied, nobody cared. Not even friends who were supposed to be friends.

Not even teachers who witness it care enough to do anything or say anything. And this is true in 2017.

And that’s why bullying is such a big issue in today’s society.


2. Your weight problems 

People protest because tuition fees keep rising. Fair enough.

But I’ve never heard of people protesting to help people who are overweight (or underweight).

Have you? 

I can tell you why that is.

Nobody cares. 

When it comes to being overweight/underweight, most people say things like:

  1. It’s your fault for eating junk food.
  2. It’s your fault for not exercising.
  3. It’s your fault for being fat.
  4. It’s your fault for not eating enough food.
  5. Etc.

And that’s not even the worst of it. The article below says it all:

After Losing 80 Pounds, This Woman Was Body-Shamed by Lululemon Employees

As sad as this truth is, it’s still the truth. And that’s why I have so much respect for those who overcome such challenges.


3. Your failures and mistakes 

These days they love to claim failure is a good thing

I hate to admit it but I digested this belief and made it my own. Until I realized the implications of that belief before throwing it back up from the bottom of my stomach.

A few years ago a guy in the North West of England lost his job. The job was a big deal to him. I think he was in his 40’s or 50’s.

I can’t say whether being made redundant was intentionally his fault but I can say this:

He left a note for his wife, stood on top of a bridge, jumped off and committed suicide. 

The reason I bring it up Is because – how many of that man’s colleagues or friends (before he killed himself)  actually cared about his job loss?

How many of them cared about his “failure” to keep his job? Or any potential mistakes he made that his colleagues may have known about?

Nobody cares about your failures or mistakes. 

If the same man who lost his job had started a business that ended up becoming the next Facebook for example, everybody would have been kneeling down and kissing his ass.

Most people only care about your successes. 

If there are no successes than your failures have no meaning.

It’s true people can relate to your mistakes, love you for it, and even benefit and take inspiration from it, but without any successes to add to your failures, few people will truly give a fuck in the end.

And if you don’t believe me then take a look at any big name celebrity or business who’s gone bankrupt and never recovered from it.

4. Racial stereotypes and prejudices you have to deal with 

If there are 5 candidates for a job, and you’re the only person with a different skin color, what are your chances?

In some cases it won’t matter.

But what if the employer is secretly racist? 

This is the truth for anybody in Western society. Especially if you’re….. I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

And even though there’s truth to what I’m saying, and even though there’s no way to know whether someone turns you down because they’re secretly racist, nobody cares. 

Of course some people care, but how many truly care? That is the question.

And as long as too few people care, the mountain of success will remain a hill so steep, that it’ll take a ridiculous amount of time before massive progress is made with the way people think.


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