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“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Burning your finger on the cooker can be painful. It’ll even leave a scar or two.

Falling off your bike and landing on your face is a painful thought.

But daily habits you’re unaware of like – Giving too much of a damn about what people think? That’s more painful than any kind of physical pain you can put yourself through.

This type of pain is like poisonous gas. You can’t see it, but the damage it’s causing without your knowing is disastrous.

You’ll only suffer from the inside out the longer you carry these types of habits around.

I went through the exact same experience. Here are 4 painful habits that are crushing your happiness, and how to fix it.


1. Not doing what you believe in

Straight out of high school I dived right into college doing Mechanics.

After that I went onto music technology. And then Graphic Design.

Not long after that I realized I’d been doing things others expected me to do, instead of doing the things I believed in doing. The things I knew in my heart I wanted to do.

Since making the transition I’m happier than I ever was at the time.

If you truly expect happiness within yourself, you’ve got to start doing what you believe in. And that goes for:

  1. Career.
  2. Business
  3. Relationships.
  4. Choice of friends.
  5. Life decisions.
  6. Priorities.

And everything in between.

Do what you believe in and REFUSE to hold back. Then your happiness will be rewarded.


2. NOT being yourself without fear of criticism

Being your true self is 1 thing. Being yourself without a care for criticism is another thing.

I used to think about what others might think of me before doing something.

Or how people may criticize me for being true to myself, my decisions, my actions and so on.

That fear of criticism is gone now because I took action, thought logically about it and got real with myself.

There IS no happiness without being true to yourself and living authentically.

And when I say authentic I mean authentic 110% of the time like a full time job, not a part time job.

Don’t miss this step, and get in the practice of doing this.


3. Caring too much about what people think of you

This point is a continuation of point number 2.

I used to take this a lot harder than I do today.

I put too much emphasis on what people thought about me or what I did. And that not only hurts your happiness, but self esteem as well.

Putting too much thought into how others will see you is a complete waste of energy and time.

Besides, half of the stuff you’re making up in your head is false information because there’s no facts to back it up. That includes caring about how:

  1. Judge you.
  2. Perceive you.
  3. Criticize you.
  4. Talk about you.
  5. Think poorly of you.

And everything else in between.

Giving too much of a damn about what people think will keep your happiness in an unbreakable headlock.

And the only way to break out of that headlock is to look at things logically, not emotionally.


4, Unwillingness to voice your own opinions

Not voicing your own opinions is like having your tongue sliced off.

Nobody will know what you stand for, what your thoughts are, what matters to you or what makes you WHO you are. Because they won’t be able to understand the words coming out of your mouth.

Without your opinions:

  1. You can’t express yourself to the world.
  2. No one can benefit from your knowledge.
  3. You won’t be able to get your message across.
  4. There’s nothing for people to care about.
  5. You can’t impact, sell or influence others.
  6. You can’t inspire, change, or share your beliefs.

Being reluctant to voice your own opinions is one of the biggest cause of unhappy people on this planet.

Your happiness depends on it. So start today and get into the habit of doing it more often.

Whether it be through blogging, singing, tweeting, doing speeches, speaking on trending news, sharing your beliefs or creating YouTube videos.



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  1. Being yourself and just believing in yourself is when your life changes. People (relatives) keep telling me to study as it is good for my future. But since I had no interest in it, I keep on focusing my goals on achieving my internet business. Thanks to God that he listened me and fulfilled my goal to some extent for now. Thanks for sharing the article Theo. Made my day!


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