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When a criminal commits fraud and is caught, everybody turns their nose up in disgust. And even banters about it on sites like Facebook.

Yet by NOT doing what’s true to you you’re also committing fraud. Not against the law but against yourself.

And that’s something you need to stop doing to yourself.

Here are 3 good reasons to start doing what’s true to you. And HOW you can have the confidence to start doing exactly that.


1. Your happiness will thank you for it

3 Promising Reasons To Start Doing What's True To YouHappiness is something we’re all fighting for.


Because there’s nothing more important than happiness. And it beats the alternative 1000 times over.

I was suffering for years because I failed to start what I wanted to pursue. I lived by societies rules, rules of people I didn’t even know, because I was too afraid to live by my own rules.

The moment I made the shift I’ve never been happier within myself. And that feeling is priceless.

If your hearts telling you to pursue your dreams, but you’re settling for a job stacking shelves, your happiness and self confidence will continue to suffer.

Don’t allow it to happen for any longer and get started TODAY.

The best way to get started is to simply get started. Even if it’s in the smallest way possible.

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2. Your future will thank you for it

Can you seriously say you’d be happy with your future self, knowing you’re NOT doing what’s true to you? Knowing you’ve yet to get started because fear is holding you back?

Everything you’re holding back on in the present is bound to show up in the future. One way or another. It’ll show up in your:

  1. Level of happiness.
  2. Lifestyle.
  3. Results.
  4. Achievements.
  5. Surroundings.
  6. The types of people you’re around.
  7. Your level of motivation.

And so on. The last and stupidest thing you need to be carrying is a pile of regrets.

Regrets kill your soul and weaken your spirit. And worst of all, the time you spend regretting is unproductive.

And the time you spend doing things that aren’t true to you is time you’ll NEVER get back.


3. Your legacy will thank you for it

What you leave behind when you’re dead and gone will thank you for the actions you were willing to take. I’m talking about your legacy.

Do you want to be remembered as someone who lacked the confidence to do the things you wanted to do? Who was too afraid to do the things that are true to you?

Or do you want to be known as a person who was brave enough to go after their dreams, regardless of the odds?

The person who was confident enough to face their fears and do it anyway, regardless the of risks and challenges?

Once you start doing what’s true to YOU, and you do it consistently from now till the end of time, your legacy will thank you for it. Because you’ll be remembered for it.

Especially by those you care about. And those who care about you.

And that’s a great source of inspiration for others who are perhaps younger than you are. Who are looking to do something similar in their lifetime.


How To Build The Confidence To Start Doing What’s True To You


1. Study people who’ve done something similar

3 Promising Reasons To Start Doing What's True To YouQuickest way to build the confidence to start doing what’s true to you, is study others.

Study people who’ve done something similar. Whether that means:

  1. An industry you want to get into.
  2. A career.
  3. A type of business.
  4. Relationships.
  5. Education.

And everything in between.

Want to be a singer? Study Beyonce, Madonna, Rhianna, or whoever you see fit.

Want to be a footballer? Study David Beckham. The same applies to anything else.

Learn from them, watch all their interviews, read all their books, read their biographies and everything you can get your hands on.

Being able to see how they did it will give YOU the confidence to also do it.

Once you’ve studied them, start replicating what they’ve done.

Apply that knowledge to your life, your job, or whatever it applies to, and be consistent.

Overtime slowly but surely, your confidence will continue to grow. The same way a plant grows when you continue to water it.

Keep watering your plant and applying what you learn from others, and doing what you believe in will be the least of your fears and problems. 🙂

Tell me how it goes, and leave your feedback in the comments below! Thanks for reading.


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