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Kids, teenagers, and even young adults get little help when it comes to bullying. The advice out there on how to deal with bullying is not only unhelpful, but it’s a load of bullshit.

I’m sure you 100% agree. Especially if you know someone who is dealing with it.

And I don’t mean just advice on the internet, I mean advice in schools, colleges, the workplace, or wherever else you experience bullying.

Unhelpful Bullying Advice People Need To Stop Recommending


1. Tell your parents

Solving the problem of bullying just isn’t that simple. It’s easy for people who’ve never experienced bullying to say – “tell your parents”. Or any other family member you trust.

Here’s the problem with this solution: Once you tell your parents, your teacher, or whoever, then what? What happens from there?

Nothing happens from there, because bullying is a personal matter that can’t be dealt with by having others interfere. There’s only so much another person can say or do about the situation.

The bully who’s bullying will continue to bully regardless, because people love to do things they know they can get away with. Which is why the victim is bullied over and over and over again.

If you could get away with stealing £1 Million pounds from a bank, and there was 0% risk, you’d do it. And it works the same away when it comes to bullying.

Many will disagree or look at this illogically, but the truth is you’re own your own. Telling those who you care about is a weak solution.

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2. Report it

Again, reporting it can only do so much. Sure the bully will get a warning, a “slap” on the wrist, or a lecture at best. But then what? They’ll continue to do it because as I said before, they know they can get away with it.

You can report bullying to your manager, the police, a teacher, or whoever, but even If the bully gets expelled or whatever, they’ll just find another person in another place to bully. A person they know who won’t do anything about the bullying, or a person they know won’t stand up for themselves.

And the cycle will continue over and over again. This is the reason reporting a bully is a terrible solution in the long run. Because it’s only a temporary solution, not permanent.


3. Just ignore it, and things will improve

This is naive at best. It may look like great advice when you first hear it, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not.

Ignoring cyber bullying might work if you block the people who are doing it. But what about in the real world? What about bullying that happens offline? What about bullying that happens out in the open?

What about verbal bullying and physical bullying? Is that really something you can ignore if you’re dealing with it every single day or a couple of days a week?

At some point it’ll get to you, cripple you, hurt you, crush your self esteem and make you feel awful about yourself. For no fault of your own.

Ignoring may work for the smaller portion of bullies, but the bullies who are extreme with their actions, as well as persistent won’t be so easily deterred.

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Unhelpful Bullying Advice People Need To Stop Recommending


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  1. Hi Theo,

    I want to thank you for using JBR to highlight the importance of the bullying issue. Your articles on the topic should be a fantastic help to people.

    The advice above is just how you describe it. I tried all three approaches in my early teens and, although those steps bought me a few weeks of relief, they failed to remove the problem.

    The post you linked to, however, offers the real advice. Unfortunately, I had to resort to number 3 in that post. It took weeks of building up the courage and, to be honest, becoming desperate for a solution, that drove me.

    It worked. After a few punches, I was never bothered again. So yes, sometimes bullies need a dose of their own medicine. There’s no getting away from it.

    Thanks again. Best Wishes.

    • Hey Alan.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts and experiences with bullying. I really appreciate it mate.

      Bullying is a topic I care a lot about, and plan to share a ton more about it. It’s a tough topic to deal with.
      Everything you say is true, and my experience was no different. And it’s the best way to handle it when there’s no other way to go about it.


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