Are You Letting Fear Stand In The Way Of Your Goals?

Fear is a mean motherfucker (american accent) because once you hand over your control to it, you’re fucked. Well… Maybe not 100% but you’ll be pretty close to that, though.

As I’m sure you know, the more habitual something becomes, the harder it is to break that habit for good! Instead of having a few obstacles to jump over you’ll have hundreds! Thousands even…

Human beings eh. Why do we insist on making life so damn difficult and hurting ourselves in the process?

Fear stifles our thinking and actions. It creates indecisiveness that results in stagnation. I have known talented people who procrastinate indefinitely rather than risk failure. Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and the downward spiral begins. – Charles Stanley

Pretty deep isn’t it? Fear is almost like that bully who verbally abuses others to ruin their confidence. Because secretly they lack confidence and are fearful themselves.

Fear Is like that shitty girlfriend or boyfriend who ends up ruining, or trying to ruin your whole life if you allow them to do it.

Fear is similar to online trolls, who comment on YouTube videos in an attempt to bring that successful person down to their pitiful level.


Are You Letting Fear Stand In The Way Of Your Goals?

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Put simply, fear is a bitch! Can you see yourself within the examples above? How long have you been letting fear stand in your way? And are you willing to let fear stand in your way any longer?

Imagine this… You’re in a small town with just 1 food SHOP and you’re so hungry you could eat a hippopotamus. So what do you do? What any hungry person would do, you go to get a bite to satisfy your hunger.

As you approach the doors of the shop you notice a person is outside it standing in your way. You say “excuse me, I’d like to get past you” And they respond “you’re not going anywhere unless you fight for it”.

You’re starving right now… So what do you do? Fight for it or walk away?

I guess that’s kind of an extreme example but the point is this. Are you willing to let fear stand in the way of what you NEED? Are you willing to let fear stand in the way of what you LOVE?

Are you willing to let fear stand in the way of what you MUST do? If you’re as serious as you claim to be about that dream, goal, idea, business….

Stop making excuses and make it happen. Fear is actually a GOOD sign you need to do it. It’s your bodies way of saying “doing this will help you progress”.

The rest Is up to you now. You either get over yourself and get out of your own head, or fear will run the rest of your life.

Don’t think about doing it because you’ll only torture yourself.

Take action and physically do something, get off your ass, and face your fears head on!



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